Researchers around the globe are exploring new ways and means to determine new diagnostic tools to detect and decipher disease manifestation and in tandem are developing new breakthrough therapies and technologies for cures and disease management. Genomic and proteomic research among others are progressively expanding horizons in knowledge for the early detection, diagnosis and treatment of malignancies and other health threats in this post genomic era.

A dedicated and well trained preclinical research team comprising of geneticists, microbiologists, physicians, biochemists, histopathologists, clinical research associates and quality assurance auditors ensures timely supply of human biological specimen to the global clients.

For the assurance of quality specimen procurement, Metrics Research has established research cells at prominent hospitals for tissue collection and processing immediately after surgical resection. Collected specimens are then preserved in liquid nitrogen for the preservation of mRNA.

Biological specimen may include cancerous or malignant, non-cancerous, normal tissues, body fluids etc. derived from tissues and organs.

Metrics Research is also a strategic partner of renowned organizations that provide first-class preclinical research services on animals. We offer quality animals research services to our clients through such collaboration. Developing a compliant and state of the art animal studies wing in Pakistan is in our long term strategic objective.